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It is our mission to implement and administer an infrastructure of basic social skills, courtesies and educational developments supporting young individuals to lead enriched fulfilled lives. Moreover, etiquette is the trademark of our society and, it is our desire to assist citizens in returning to the manners and civility in which our culture was established; allowing every individual to achieve their goals.

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Legal Name: 3 L Foundation Inc
Service Sector: Education
Address: 1545 Line Ave Suite 175
Shreveport, LA 71101
*Etiquette Training
*Social Skills
*Self-Esteem and Anger Management
*College Prep
*Time Management
*ACT Prep
The 3 L Foundation will prepare males and females of all ages for further education and becoming good societal members. Dedicated to youth and community service, The 3 L Foundation promotes cultural diversity, provides extensive instruction that encompasses the child's holistic development, and seeks partnership with local government agencies and educational institutions.
According to a recent survey the Harvard University, Stanford Research Institute and the Carnegie Foundation 85% of our career success depends on our social skills. The 3 L Foundation is dedicated to making sure that our girls and boys are comfortable and confident in any social setting, and leave a lasting impression with who their professional and social future holds for them.
*This is needed especially in the lives of children today. The leadership of this academy is the essence of exemplifying etiquette. This academy will take you to the next level in life. Don't believe me try it and I promise you will not be disappointed. Shanika Whitaker 1st Lady of Bethlehem Missionary Baptist Church.
*The Dinner Etiquette information she shared with us will be very valuable to our students which only enhances them to be more knowledgeable and to have good table manner whenever they are exposed to a Dining Setting. Keep making a difference in the lives of other!! We look forward to more! B. L. -Educational Advocate
*Thank you sis!! You were awesome and the Debutantes enjoyed themselves!!!
*This program is one of the best programs in America it is in line with the President My Brother's Keeper Nation Initiative the work has just begun, continue the dream of improving the education and quality of life for the young men and women of America. Join the movement.
*This program is EXCELLENT!!! U have the drive, motivation, and the intellect to turn these ladies and gentlemen into International scholars. Keep striving and don't let anything stop you. I believe in your dream and will lift u up daily. A.H.-Business owner