Captain Shreve Academic Foundation

Our mission is to enrich academic opportunities and inspire achievement by funding innovative technology and teaching practices at Captain Shreve High School. Strong public high schools equal strong communities.

Address:6115 East Kings Highway
Shreveport, LA 71106
Academic excellence is our number one priority at Captain Shreve High School, and we understand that access to innovative technology is vital to students' academic success in today's world. Unfortunately, the limited funding that public schools receive from our local government is insufficient to provide all of the learning tools and technology that our students need to be competitive when they graduate. Therefore, we have assembled a group of parents, dedicated alumni, and community members who invest their time and money each year in our children's academic success.

We understand the connection between high-achieving schools and strong communities, so together we work to identify and fund various academic tools -- from computers, tablets, televisions, and interactive white boards, to virtual reality headsets, educational software, and testing scholarships. Our foundation provides for all of our students, regardless of their class levels. We recognize that students have different learning styles, so we strive to provide our teachers with the instructional tools they need to inspire each individual student, whether through hands-on labs, experiments, or field trips, or through interactive, computer-based demonstration or guided inquiry.

Most recently, our teachers have been district trailblazers in implementing Google Classroom, an online instructional tool that increases student-teacher communication and resource sharing. We are dedicated to our teachers' Google Classroom initiative and are currently focused on funding the purchase of class sets of Chromebooks -- mobile devices that enable students to access the Internet and online Google applications for research and collaboration.