Pet Savers, Inc.

To rescue, protect and place abandoned or unwanted pets and provide funds for neutering, spaying and other veterinary care.

Pet Savers was founded by Linda Shemwell as a non-profit 12 years ago and has become the largest NO-KILL shelter in the Shreveport area, housing 75 dogs and 30 cats. The shelter is located at 4380 Noyes Drive and is open 7 days a week.

We take in 35 dogs a month and adopt as many.

We take in... pets from families where the owner has died or gone to a nursing home.
... pets that have been abandoned in rental properties
... pets from owners who have lost their homes
... the occasional stray who simply has no owner

We even have some dogs that have been with us for 10 years, through no fault of their own.

Before adoption, almost all our dogs are spayed/neutered, heartworm tested, and vaccinated for rabies, parvo, distemper, and other doggie diseases. Our cats are spayed or neutered and vaccinated as well.

Some are cute and small, some are big and goofy, some are young, some are older, some are house-trained. Some get returned due to unrealistic expectations from owners. We love and care for them all.

We have a small dedicated staff of 2-3 who clean and feed and love the animals as their own, as well as a great group of volunteers.

Although we remain debt-free, our monthly expenses are about $12,000 and our vet bills are staggering, even with rescue discounts. We rely on YOUR donations, our adoption fees, and the occasional grant to stay afloat.

Please support Pet Savers by giving online on May 2 during Give for Good!
Please see our Facebook page for testimonials from people who have adopted from or surrendered animals to Pet Savers.