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Bernstein Development, Inc. (BDI) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit community-service organization that serves children and families in the site and surrounding communities. BDI is committed to education, civic and social empowerment of individuals. Successful implementation of projects will provide for a more productive community.

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Legal Name: Bernstein Development, Inc.
Service Sector: Community Improvement
Address: 1706 Hollywood Avenue
Shreveport, LA 71108
(BDI) is located in the Hollywood/Caddo Heights neighborhoods in the City of Shreveport, Louisiana. Named for its location, Bernstein Street, BDI was formally organized in 2008 by a group of caring professionals who are passionate about giving back. BDI is governed by a Board of Directors of diverse professionals. The applicant agency and its staff are seasoned professionals in working with the unique needs of the most at-risk urban youth.

BDI has firmly established itself in community involvement. Major program, past and present, include the following: Monthly food distribution collaborative partnership with Northwest Louisiana Food Bank and biweekly Soup Kitchen; weekly Senior Citizens Activity Program; 2011-2017 Neighborhood Improvement Program; 2011-2017 Camp Bernstein Summer Reading & STEM Program, 2011-2014 Senior Citizens Computer Literacy Training Program, 2010-2015 Bridge-Builders After-School Test Prep and Tutorial Program; clothing
giveaways, school supplies giveaways and counseling services to Hurricane Katrina evacuees. Projects and programs are funded by grants, individual donations and the Give for Good Program.