Common Ground Community, Inc.

Following Jesus Christ's example, Common Ground Community, Inc., is committed to making a difference in the Cedar Grove neighborhood of Shreveport through compassionate outreach, building relationships, and acceptance of all people.

We are a group from all backgrounds and faiths, who have been putting our feet to our faith in the Cedar Grove neighborhood of Shreveport for more than 20 years. More than 1500 people from 550 households come through our doors each year. We treat people with dignity, compassion and respect, and in doing so, create hope. Our friends are the marginalized, "working poor", those on fixed incomes, the unemployed, the disabled, single moms, senior citizens, the homeless and LOTS of children. We are committed to building and deepening our relationships with our neighbors and stakeholders, recognizing that working and living with them in community benefits us all.

A lot goes on every week at Common Ground- a weekly community meal on Thursday nights, our client-choice food pantry, closet clothes and activities for our youth. We focus much of our time on our youth, believing we have the best chance of breaking the cycle of poverty with them. Among our youth programs are:

• Our afterschool reading program where we partner with Atkins Elementary and tutor 2nd and 3rd graders working on improving their reading and phonics skills
• This year we will be our 10th year of a 7 week free Summer Day Camp, where neighborhood children spent 7 weeks enjoying educational and enrichment activities, in addition to just having a chance to be a kid.
• A year-round program for middle and high school aged boys. The "hook" is basketball, but we spent quality time with them 6 days a week, tutoring and mentoring them, teaching them life and social skills and helping them us a future for themselves.

Your Give for Good contributions will go to support our youth programs. Here is the impact that your contributions can have:

$25 Healthy snacks for our after-school reading program
$50 Inspire creativity by providing art supplies and items needed to do hands-on experiments during camp
$100 Help feed 40 hungry teenage boys meals and snacks six days a week
$125 Educate and enrich the life of a child by paying the cost of summer camp for one week.
$250 Make sure the children have at least one healthy meal a day during the summer by covering the weekly cost of lunch for 36 children and staff
$500 Help our children see life and possibilities outside the Cedar Grove neighborhood by covering the cost of our field trips.
$875 Make a difference in the life a child in Cedar Grove, giving relationship a chance to grow, sponsor a child for 7 weeks of summer camp