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The mission of The Arc Caddo-Bossier is to provide opportunities for children and adults with disabilities to realize their full potential, to fulfill their gifts and talents, and to become self-directed and contributing citizens.

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Legal Name: The Arc Caddo-Bossier
Service Sector: Education
Address: 351 Jordan Street
Shreveport, LA, LA 71101
Goldman School and Child Development Center is a licensed, 4-star child care program of The Arc Caddo-Bossier. Providing the highest quality care to children ages eight weeks through five years with disabilities alongside children without disabilities in a proven inclusive environment, Goldman School has 11 classrooms serving 95 children. Our teachers and staff positively support the differences in each child's abilities, interests, and experiences. The 25 people on our staff have extensive training and over 200 years of working with children who have special needs. We provide developmental programming and activities while working closely with therapists and the children's families.
Goldman School was highly recommended for our son. We applied and were placed on a waiting list. In August of 2016 our son was suddenly asked to no longer attend his school due to his condition and behavior. We contacted Goldman School and told them about our crisis. Within days we were told our son would be welcomed at Goldman School. He is nonverbal and often has behavioral issues.

Since attending Goldman School, I have noticed more discipline in my son, increased ability to follow directions, and the ability to play with others. He has more words in his vocabulary, and he definitely is able to communicate his needs and wants better. He is happy, and he loves his teachers and school. What others said he couldn't do or wouldn't do, he is doing. My son is strong, and he has a solid support system.

Goldman School feels my son is worthy and deserves a chance in life just like anyone else. We are grateful, and we don't take it for granted!

Sincere thanks, Eli's Mother

Over and over Goldman School receives children who have been told they must leave their child care facility due to a lack of training in handling their care. There is a huge need for these services in our community.