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Sadly, there is no shortage of rescue dogs in north Louisiana.  Many of those rescued from the streets or from other deplorable conditions often have special needs which need to be addressed before they can be placed in their furever loving homes.  That’s where WINNIE’S WAY comes in!   Winnie’s Way is a non-profit organization with the mission of “making a way to provide love and care for rescue dogs with special needs.”   Through our collaboration with local rescue organizations and our grant awards, we provide additional resources so that area rescue organizations can take in more rescue dogs with special needs and obtain the proper care they need and ultimately place them in furever loving homes.   These doggies have so much love to give.  Won’t you help us make a way – WINNIE’S WAY – for rescue dogs with special needs to find the care and love they need and deserve and to find their furever loving homes?!  If you find it in your heart to help, please consider donating to WINNIE’S WAY!

Get to know sweet Winnie:

We named him Winston… a name which seemed regal and fitting for this Westie-Schnauzer mix.   His bio from the rescue shelter indicated he was deaf and also had some vision impairment.  No problem, we thought… we have a blind rescue doggie already.   What’s one more special needs dog to add to our rescue group of three? We soon realized Winston had other issues that stretched beyond hearing and vision impairments.  And we also soon realized that Sir Winston wasn’t really regal at all... instead, he was the most endearing, sweet soul of a doggie that you’d ever meet.  The name Winston soon translated into Winnie (as in Winnie the Pooh) because it just seemed so much more fitting of his adorable personality.

Winnie was an old soul when we rescued him.  He had been found in a ditch off of Interstate 20 in Monroe, Louisiana, and was taken in by a local rescue shelter.  We saw his profile and he stole our hearts!  We soon learned that Winnie had a lot of issues.  In addition to being deaf and partially blind, our vet said he had likely had some neurological issues and experienced some type of trauma, perhaps from being hit by a car.  He didn’t seem to have a lot of feeling in his rear legs, though he was able to walk.  But for all of Winnie’s issues, they never slowed him down!  To know Winnie was to love him.  Everyone who met him adored him.  Winnie would spend hours marching around the house, and then just drop to the floor and nap wherever he landed.  His landing was usually in one of several soft doggie beds, though sometimes only part of him would land in the bed!  His sweet soul was old, and he so enjoyed his naps.  In his waking hours, he loved to just follow you around the house.  His walk was more of a march...  we often joked that he was “on patrol.”  To a stranger, he may have seemed aloof... but he was actually quite the opposite.   Winnie loved to snuggle.  He loved to come lay down next to you.  He wanted to be near his dog-mama and daddy and the other pups.  In short, I think Winnie had led a rough life. And Winnie now had a warm home, soft bed, and a dog-mama and daddy who offered up hours upon hours of love and snuggles.  And those eyes… deep, black, soulful eyes which seemed to say so much… thank you for giving me a home... thank you for loving me... can I just lay here by you and snuggle forever… Those eyes could melt an iceberg.  Yes, Winnie was so loved. 

One morning in October 2020, a mere 9 months after he had come into our lives, Winnie passed away.  He left us far too soon.  He was one of a kind.  We wish we could have rescued him years sooner.  And we wish he would have stayed with us for many more years.  But we would not trade one minute of the time we had with him.  And so to honor Winnie, we have formed Winnie’s Way.   These special needs doggies are special in so many ways.  We hope that you will consider a donation to Winnie’s Way so that more doggies with special needs can obtain the care they need and find loving furever homes.. just like sweet Winnie!   


Making a way to provide love and care for rescue dogs with special needs.

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