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The mission of Providence House is to break the homeless cycle one family at a time. Providence House is a residential treatment facility for homeless families with children, providing comprehensive support services for improving the family structure.

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Legal Name: Providence House
Service Sector: Human Services
Address: 814 Cotton St
Shreveport, LA 71101
This year marks the 30th year of the agency's history! Organized in 1988, Providence House is the only residential emergency shelter in northwest Louisiana solely dedicated to the care of homeless families with children. The agency's holistic approach to breaking the homeless cycle hinges on three, strong pillars: (1) Education, (2) Supportive Services and, (3) Housing. In September of 2017, Providence House's child development center earned a coveted 4-STAR rating by the Department of Education. Thirty-nine (39) homeless and low income PreK-4-year old students have access to high quality, affordable childcare. In addition, all school aged girls can join the newly organized Providence House Girl Scouts troop or Junior Achievement Weekend Edition. Our supportive services include parenting classes, life skills training, budgeting classes and a newly developed workforce development program for adults while our housing component encompasses both emergency shelter and permanent housing. Our mission will never change; however, we firmly believe and embrace education as the central tool to end the cycle of homelessness- permanently.
Derrick and his daughters were living in his car. His wife had left and he accepted full custody of his daughters. With no support for his girls, Derrick had to give up his job as a truck driver. He used all of his savings and no options. He shared that he had to swallow his pride and called Providence House for help. He admits that first step of calling was the most difficult. His advice to other is that you just never quit praying, hoping, believing and trying to make life better. His case manager describes him as a go-getter who was determined to succeed from the day he and his daughters arrived.
Derrick secured full-time employment during his stay at Providence House and plans to ultimately become a homeowner.