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The Renzi Education and Art Center was founded in 1997, so that children from low-income families and living in high-crime areas would have a safe, educational, and culturally enriching place to go to after school. Our mission is to provide free, high-quality, after-school academic and art classes to K-12 youth, so that all children have the opportunity to explore, learn, and create, under the guidance of professional teachers and artists.

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Legal Name: Renzi Education & Art Center, Inc
Service Sector: Education
Address: 435 Egan St
Shreveport, LA 71101
Our After School Program provides free-of-charge, four seven-week sessions of art and academic classes during the school year. 50-60 students in grades K-12 attend classes daily, Monday through Thursday. Students are placed in academic classes in which they need extra assistance and in art classes according to their interests. They begin arriving at 3:00 pm, are given a free snack, and either enjoy supervised play on our playground or start on their homework until classes begin at 4:00pm. The younger children in grades K-4 start in Renzi's Academic House, taking their two 25-minute academic classes while the older students, grades 5-12, go to their 50-minute art lesson in the Art House. They switch houses after 50 minutes and classes end at 5:45pm. Academics classes include math and language arts, homework assistance, vocabulary, nutrition, library/reading time, gardening, science, and computer literacy. Arts classes include painting, cartooning, quilting, hula-hooping, music, drawing, sculpture, creative writing, and photography.
Our After School Program benefits Caddo Parish residents in the following ways: 1) students improve their academic performance and emotional well-being, making them less vulnerable to the negative influences of the streets; 2) parents have a safe environment in which to place their children while they work and manage their homes; 3) local professional artists and teachers have steady, part-time employment and supplemental income.
Winter and Spring 2017 - Parent Testimonials

• "Her grades have improved. Homework help has really been a huge benefit."--Valencia, Child: Miracle, Age 9

• "Academic-related activities boosted her self-esteem during LEAP testing."
"Quality of the program has far exceeded my expectations."--Krystal, Child: Janiya, Age 11

• "This program is run with the utmost professionalism and interest in changing the community and lives of each child attending."--Alyce, Child: Mady, Age 9

• "My child has learned so much at Renzi. That has a huge impact on her upcoming future goals."--Jutina, Child: Jaleia, Age 11

• "[My son]'s confidence has grown more and more since attending Renzi. He thinks more out of the box."
"[He] has always done well in school. He is now receiving higher A's and a high B in Language Arts. Language Arts has been his toughest subject.."
"I love all of [the classes at Renzi]! I constantly brag to my friends about Renzi and the programs that are offered. No complaints."--LaQuisha, Child: LJ, Age 10

• "[My daughter] is learning to speak up for herself more and more. She's willing to do school projects on her own with little assistance."
"I love Renzi and the staff. They give so much love."--LaQuisha, Child: Liana, Age 11

• "[My daughter] continues to pursue her interest in comics and anime--Renzi has given her the space and teachers to encourage it."
"[The programs] continue to be excellent because your teachers are all real teachers and artists and they care so much about the kids."--Jennifer, Child: Alexandra, Age 12

• "[My daughter] has really found her voice this year socially. She has become much more confident in her ideas and is better at expressing herself with her peers in group settings."
"[She] has had more opportunities this year in being "put on the spot" in class. Teachers persistence in getting her to respond when she's uncomfortable has led to many home discussions on how to reduce her anxieties and participate. THANK YOU!"--Asheley, Child: Raegan, Age 13

• "[My son] has made more friends this year, and has been more vocal about his likes and dislikes. I think he is becoming more self-confident in his ideas."
"[He] has really opened up to trying new things and things that are more difficult for him. He is much more willing to try!"--Asheley, Child: Ky, Age 10

• "Renzi classes continue to challenge [him] by offering him new exposure to arts and science. When he is successful, his self-confidence is sky high. He has learned several times this year how to be more graceful with his challenges."--Asheley, Child: Jaron, Age 9
• "The quality of the program activities offered at the Renzi Center are excellent activities because they address the whole child."--Toni, Child: Tyetianna, Age 12